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                    "25 Tips and facts about Mission Beach"

The weather is USUALLY perfect - especially in Winter- "beautiful one day- perfect the next"

The prevailing weather comes from the South East - and is often a pleasant relief

When Dunk Island disappears in raincloud -we are next to experience rain

Our rainfall is measured in "Metres" and not in inches

Everything in Far North Qld is BIG - birds- our Cassowary, butterflies, crocodiles, snakes, spiders, goannas, beetles, stingers, fish, rainforests, rivers, floods, waterfalls and the magnificent reef

Wear a rash vest or lycra suit for protection from Marine Stingers - Council nets are in place during the safe season - use vinegar for Box Jelly Fish and fresh water for the Hairy Jelly Fish

There are more beaches and walks and attractions than you could possibly visit in a month

Cassowaries do not roam at night - the males teach their chicks life skills but not Road Rules

Crocodiles DO roam at night looking for a mate -and their eyes are bright orange in the spotlight - if you don't see them they are probably in the creek watching you

The attractive pink Guest Tree is indiginous to Mission Beach with its scented pink blossoms

We occasionally get surf at Bingal Bay 

An annual swim and paddle to Dunk Island reminds us how far away the island really is - it takes practice and fitness to complete the swim. It is a very safe sailing and boating playground

Mission, Wongaling and South Mission are perfect beach locations for safe Skydiving landings

The Wet Season has its own beauty - distinctive humid smells and new life

Half a metre of rain can disappear within a day but block the Bruce highway near the bridges - so never cross flooded causeways

The grass grows fast enough to mow once a week

We are at the end of the line - so power "cuts out" after many storms- stopping EFTPOS & emails.   Vodaphone rarely works in the area and the NBN does not like the rain.

A volcano erupted here a million years ago leaving black basalt rocks and rich red fertile soil allowing the Wet Tropic Rainforest to thrive and meet the Reef here at the Coral Sea

The Cassowary is an important part of the rainforest as it eats berries, fruit and seeds which it digests in order for the seeds to grow from their droppings

The high humidity can surprise you from January til March

Wallabies feed along the roadsides so beware at night or at dusk

A pool with a shade cover is a necessity up here

Most of our residents came here for a holiday and stayed

It still takes 25 years to be a local here

You will fall in love with this unique, relaxed and friendly area too.....

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